Writing how I spend my day


::مراقب مغربي ::
طاقم الإدارة
3 أبريل 2013
A person like you people loves to ride cars while traveling, loves to ride horses' back in the staircase and tours in the forest, loves birds singing in the sky, loves pizza and almonds, loves salad and seafood, hates violence, hates blame and does not hate advice and counseling, a creation that is not for himself, alone, loves Doing good to those who deserve it, hates the yellow laughter, hates hypocrisy and loves the beauty of the sea waves and gulls follow boats as they hover around them like a jet plane or like an eagle that hijacks chicken chickens, loves sobriety, stability and respect for himself and others, loves to write at night alone in the light of a lantern loves to see the rising of the sun And he does not miss her sunset while she is bidding farewell to the work of a whole day, which you may not be satisfied with, but hope for a bright tomorrow, in which there may be surprises, sorrows and joys, so let's take a reed