caftan 2013 – The Perfect Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

The caftan 2013 collection easily grabs the attention of the people. This is considered as a very ancient piece of designer clothing. The word caftan is derived from the Turkish word gaftan which is used for denoting a full length slackly fitted piece of clothing of long or short sleeves worn by men and women equally. It can reflect you the look of the djellaba gown of the Middle East.  From the very ancient times till now people have a great attraction towards this piece of clothing. The various designers from all over the world have tried best of their ability in recreating the elegance of this piece of cloth with modern ideas.

In caftan 2013 collection some of the designers have used this idea used as beach wear. They feel the essentiality of designing something as a cover up to guard the skin whereas the wearer is not in the water. This has been designed for both men and women, it is also very much popular with every age group. We are going to provide a brief idea about the features as well as the thinks you must look up for these ethnic cover ups.

The vital feature

The main feature that made the caftan 2013 creation different and unique is the idea of creating something to stop the ultraviolet ray to give harm to the skin. All the caftans are not manufactured alike all have their own unique qualities. Some of them are manufactured from a particular sun defending material. On the other hand some of they were made up of the regular cotton. Usually the normal cotton clothes offer UPF or we can say ultraviolet protection aspect of 10 or less. On the same side the highest rating is considered as 50plus UPF that blocks about 98percent of the ultraviolet rays. The designers have carried out the idea of caftan keeping this factor in their mind which is the plus point of this collection.

There are some points which you must check out before you choose any caftan beach wear. So please go through these points.

Go through the label

The thing you must check while choosing caftan beachwear is the label. The piece of clothing which don’t provide its UPF rating will not provide you enough protection from the harmful ultraviolet sun rays. On the other hand you can take it as it will be a great option compare to moving with bear skin but you have to be concerned about the protection of your skin while wearing these clothes. To avoid the stress and panic you must choose a piece of clothing which provide you the required UPF rating with the expected amount of protection.

Feeling of the fabric

The thing which you must check before choosing caftan beachwear is the feeling of the fabric. The fabric claiming higher sun protection is firmly woven. You have to know that the smaller hole in the material the more radiation will be kept out.

Colour factor the designer of the caftan 2013 collection has come out with light colours because they know it very well that light colours are more protective than dark colours.

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